Walls Of Kindness - 7 Cities That Are Already Helping The Poor

Walls Of Kindness – 7 Cities That Are Already Helping The Poor

The encouraging concept of Deewar-e-Meherbaani or best known as Wall of Kindness initiated from Iran. The walls help poor and needy strangers who are our fellow countrymen take anything that’s hooked on to the wall. Warm clothes, food, shelter items – basically all that the poor need.

Pakistani philanthropists weren’t going to miss out on this stupendous chance of helping their needy brothers and sisters. Thus, walls of kindness were created all around Pakistan.

1. Wall of kindness Karachi


The wall of kindness in Karachi is situated on M.A Jinnah Road and is already very famous among the pedestrians, rickshaw drivers and thelay walas.

2. Wall of kindness Islamabad

Source: Facebook.com

Source: Facebook.com

Wall of kindness in Islamabad is set up at 6th road Siddiqui Chowk, Satellite Town.

3. Wall of kindness Peshawar

Source: peacepak.pk

Source: peacepak.pk

The wall of kindness in Peshawar is set up in the area of Hayatabad.

4. Wall of kindness Sahiwal


The wall of kindness in Sahiwal has been set up by Purdasadar-i-Hussain at Tankiwala Chowk.

5. Wall of kindness Quetta

Source: twitter.com

Source: twitter.com

The wall of kindness in Quetta is set up outside the Grammar school on GPO Chowk.

6. Wall of kindness Lahore

Source: Facebook.com

Source: Facebook.com

There are a number of walls of kindness in Lahore, the one pictured is near Firdous Park.

7. Wall of kindness Mirpur Khas

Source: yumtoyikes.com

Source: yumtoyikes.com

The area of wall of kindness in Mirpur Khas is unknown, but it is said they have created two walls.

Is there a wall of kindness set up in your city? If not, when are you taking the leap and creating one for the people of your city?

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