Raisi’s Visit to Pakistan and Its Larger Implications

Raisi's Visit to Pakistan and Its Larget Implications

The Iranian President Raisi is visiting Pakistan on a three-day visit. Raisi will be meeting with officials and politicians from different levels.

Raisi is to visit Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Not only meeting Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, his cabinet, and President Asif Zardari but also provincial political bodies including the Chief Ministers of Punjab and Sindh, and their respective cabinets.

Raisi and his wife will receive an honorary doctorate from Karachi University and NAML. The first lady of Iran will receive her honorary degree from NAML accompanied by Asifa Bhutto as the first lady of Pakistan while the Iranian President himself will be receiving an honourary doctorate from Karachi University at the governor house Karachi.

A strong security plan has been prepared by the government and security agencies of Pakistan. All three cities will be observing Public holidays concerning the visit of the Iranian President.

While the general public might face inconvenience, the visit in its place holds immense importance for the bilateral relations of the two countries regardless of the international situation and the different stand taken by the two states on it.

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Importance of the Visit:

The importance of the visit lies in the history of the two countries. Both countries share ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and religious histories. 

1. Raisi’s visit will enhance the inter-sectarian relations which have been a matter of deep concern for Pakistan for the last couple of decades which will lead to the establishment of an inclusive society in Pakistan.

2. It will help the country boost its trade largely along the border with the establishment of border markets and eventually may also lead to joint ventures not just between government but between private entities.

3. Keeping in mind that trade in goods and services may not only lead to materialistic gain but will allow the flow of ideas considering the linguistics history that the two countries share; Udru has his share of Persian language; acting as a medium of exchange for ideas.

4. Pakistan and Iran share one ethnicity, the Baloch. Development of trade and border market will lead to the development of infrastructure, development of schools and universities, and more industrialization of the local areas which will benefit the locals for education and jobs. This move will not only be beneficial for the Baloch but will ensure the long-term stability of Pakistan and its relations with Iran.

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