Malala’s uncertainty and Israel-Palestine War

Malala’s uncertainty and Israel-Palestine War

Malala in recent days has been subjected to controversy for her stand on Gaza and simultaneously co-producing a Broadway musical “Suffs” with former US presidential candidate Hilary Clinton.

A comprehensive history of the issue that needs to be understood is the aid that the US has provided Israel over the years to Israel whether in the form of finances or technical. In the last year since the Hamas-Israel episode Israel’s brutality has increased and millions in Palestine have died a horrible death. The US has constantly been a key ally for Israel, having a seat in the UN Security Council US has used its power of veto on many occasions to consider resolutions presented for a cease-fire between Israel and Palestine.

Malala has recently joined hands with former US Democrat Candidate Hilary Clinton in producing a Broadway musical named “Suffs”. Hilary Clinton also made visits to Israel as a former secretary of state under the Obama administration.

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After receiving constant backlash from various platforms and millions Malala issued a clarification on Wednesday through Instagram in which she reaffirmed her support for the Palestinian people and simultaneously condemned Israel for its atrocities.

The dilemma that the world and many nations face right now with the Israel-Palestinian issue is whether stopping the genocide is the first course of action or finding a long-term solution to settle for the two-state solution. United Nations does push for the establishment of basic human rights being backed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948. Both sides however seek justification from moral norms supporting their religious ideology.

Malala’s stand for this very reason can be said to be vague and ambiguous at the same time as they don’t seem to entertain any one particular side in this war.

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