Haval Jolion HEV: A Literal Head Turner!

Haval Jolion HEV A Literal Head Turner!

Hold onto your seats, Pakistan, because things are about to get electrifying! SAZGAR Engineering Works Limited, with GWM recently launched the all-new Haval Jolion HEV. This is the second locally assembled hybrid from SAZGAR, and it isn’t just joining the new energy race; it’s rewriting the rules!

Fresh off the heels of the success of Haval H6, the Haval H6 HEV, and the Haval Jolion, GWM and SAZGAR are back in action with their latest offering – the all-new Haval Jolion HEV. With its cutting-edge 1.5L hybrid electric engine, this powerhouse isn’t just making waves; it’s causing a tsunami in the automotive world! SAZGAR’s prowess in engineering marks a new era in Pakistan’s automobile industry as they proudly stand as the sole manufacturer of not one, but TWO locally assembled hybrid vehicles, paving the way for a greener, cleaner future.

They’ve recently introduced two impressive CBU vehicles to the market as well: the GWM Ora 03, a 100% electric hatchback, and the GWM Tank 500, another hybrid sensation. SAZGAR isn’t stopping there, in a market where options under 1 crore are mostly petrol-only, SAZGAR is leading the charge towards sustainable driving solutions that cater to both eco-conscious consumers and budget-conscious buyers. These vehicles are a testament to the fact that SAZGAR has the most comprehensive NEV (new energy vehicles) lineup in the country!

Priced at PKR 9,295,000/- with a booking amount of PKR 1,800,000/-, the Haval Jolion HEV is the ultimate fusion of power and efficiency. With its 4G15H Hybrid engine delivering a jaw-dropping mileage of 20Km/L, along with 190HP and 375Nm of Torque, this beast promises to turn heads and break records in the Pakistani automobile market. In addition to this, the Haval Jolion HEV has been a very popular option in other markets too, such as Australia and South Africa.

But what’s a celebration without the whole team? SAZGAR celebrated their groundbreaking vehicle by including everyone from their workforce in the launch event. From the top brass to the unsung heroes on the factory floor, each person was hailed for their invaluable contributions. It wasn’t just a launch event; it was a symphony of unity, teamwork, and dreams coming true.

Here are some highlights from the event. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

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