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Pakistanis Will Now Be Able To Get Saudi Arabia’s Visit Visa On Arrival!

Good news for all Pakistanis, as Saudi Arabia recently announced a visa-on-arrival facility for several countries. Though the policy came...
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Security Guard In Islamabad Sets Example Of Honesty By Returning Wallet To Owner!

Lately, Pakistan has incurred cases of murder, rape, robbery, and whatnot. Today, a story that overwhelmed everyone's heart with joy...
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TCL Launches Limited Edition TVs For PSL 2020!

TCL one of the world’s top three TV brands marked the launch of its Zalmi TVs for the festive season...
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PM Khan Gets Angry During His Speech At Namal University In Mianwali!

During his speech at the Namal University, an unknown man speaks up and PM Imran Khan asks him to leave...
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Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamed Submits His Resignation To The King!

This Monday, Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamed submitted his resignation letter to the country's king, before the formation of a...
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14-Year-Old Teenage Girl Who Was Raped By Neighbors, Gives Birth!

Child abuse cases have always been in the limelight, for we are plunged down the abyss of inhumane approaches. Every...
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Chris Jordan Lauds Karachi After National Stadium Reaches Full Capacity!

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is currently going on in full swing with international cricket stars lighting up the country....
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US Has Good Relations With Pakistan, Says Trump During India Visit!

US President Donald Trump has landed in India and addressed an over-enthusiastic crowd in Ahmedabad. Amidst all the tensions between...
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Hrithik Roshan Shows Support To Pakistani Student With Speech Disorder!

Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan in his recent tweet has lent his support to a Pakistani student with speech disorder. He...
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COAS Qamar Bajwa Assures Morocco Of Pakistan’s Support In Difficult Times!

This very Sunday, Pakistan's Chief Of Army Staff, Qamar Javed Bajwa extended the hand of friendship towards morocco, promising to...
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Viral Stories Platform

The need for realizing the significance of Pakistan’s youth is increasing by the day. We are the generation responsible for shaping the future of this country and bringing a swift wave of innovation and change in Pakistan. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim our youth to be the voice of Pakistan.

We’re the ones who will slowly but surely become the game-changers, setting new milestones and becoming the next figures Pakistanis will acknowledge and praise.

Parhlo’s Purpose – Voice Of Pakistan:

This platform realizes how the youth is overshadowed, despite being a part of the popular generation of millennials. The generation which is flooding in our workplaces, entertainment industries, and educational institutions are no fewer than assets for the country.

This is why Parhlo is utilizing its platform for inspiring the youth and updating them on stories and events which will be beneficial in the long run. Our purpose of sharing viral stories, everyday news, or spreading awareness regarding sensitive yet necessary topics is to inspire our youth.

Our stories are supposed to enlighten this country’s youth – the voice of Pakistan – about Pakistan inside out. Plenty of average teenagers and young adults are uninformed about this country’s economy, national treasures, and creative leaders. We are helping them understand that knowing Pakistan’s minutest of details can prove beneficial in creating something magical for this country.

Parhlo’s pledge for Pakistan’s youth

These young change makers will be pushed by the stories we share to use their voice and platform for the betterment of this country. And they would know how to use their voice in the most advantageous way possible as they’d be updated about Pakistan every step of their journey through us.

We understand how unquestionably important platforms can be. You can make or break people by using your platform in specific ways. The more you lean towards unnecessary and exhausting stories which benefit nobody, the more you’re compelling this generation to focus on that. Becoming the next heroes and inspirational leaders can seem far-fetched but it’s not impossible.

Hence, Parhlo realizes which story deserves to be covered, which will make us better humans both morally and practically. Together, we make Pakistan better.

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