14 Patriotic, Emotional Tweets That Prove Kashmir Belongs To Pakistan

 For almost 70 years, two of the strongest nations of the sub-continent have been at each other’s throats for one particular reason. Kashmir. The beautiful land of Kashmir, which was once enriched with innocence and happiness, has been suffering at the hands of the Indian Army. Many would say, you can’t clap with one hand – or why just blame the Indian Army? Well, why don’t you see for yourself.

Murders, rapes, disappearances, torture – Kashmir has suffered enough. The Twitterati were on fire with #FreeKashmirFromIndia 

1. Most Kashmiris, for a fact, want to become a part of Pakistan and NOT India

2. The rigorous Indian Army torturing Kashmiris on tilting towards Pakistan

3. The resilient Muslims of Kashmir are making their voice heard – they are NOT afraid

4. With constant human rights violation, Kashmiris have suffered far too long

5. Pakistanis too made their voice heard; we are NOT giving up on Kashmir

6. Even the father of India, Gandhi, believed in self-liberation for the Kashmiris

7. The force is definitely strong in this one..

8. Discrimination is global; no Facebook filter can help the Kashmiri cause

9. When injustice becomes law, resilience becomes duty

10. It’s like the whole world, including the UN, has turned a blind eye towards Kashmir

11. Freedom is a key word missing from the Indian dictionary

12. Every wall, every shop, every corner of Kashmir speaks volumes about what they want

13. People like Ali Geelani might be unknown to some – but heroes to many

14. The Kashmiri dream will forever stay alive, for dreams can’t be tampered

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