Responding to Indian Tabloids That Called Pakistan Army ‘A Terrorist Army’

We all have come across bigotry and hate spewing from the Indian media through links shared on social media etc. Our neighbor’s media continuously proves themselves as prime examples of warmongers in the media world. And they are not stopping anytime soon… Beating their own gutter standards, this time the Indian media has ended up calling Pakistani army ‘a terrorist army’.

Parhlo will show the reality to this major Indian online news publication which stooped to the lowest level of bigotry by directly calling the army of Pakistan, ‘a terrorist army’ – and even the former army chief, Raheel Sharif, was called a ‘war mongering general’. Here is how the bigoted post goes:


We will do some fact checking here, my dear Indian media. In general definition, a terrorist is one who ends up killing or terrorizing unarmed innocent people, who shoots them, blinds them, rapes them and kills them. Does that ring a bell?

I think our dear Indian media has forgotten what its Indian army has been doing in Kashmir lately. Not only has killed hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris – it has blinded, abducted and raped many more. Using pellet guns on kids? Blinding women and children? Killing 12-year-olds? Your Indian army has not only killed unarmed protesters, it has taken on kids and women. The army has even arrested kids. Let me show you some examples.


The list is huge and it can go on and on but I hope my dear bigoted Indian media has gotten an idea of what a terrorist army is and how it behaves. The Indian army is doing state terrorism right at your door step in the occupied territory of Kashmir but you my dear Indian media, choose to look away.

And not only in the occupied Kashmir, Indian army has been terrorizing innocents in the Indian territory as well. It has raped people. It has killed people – unarmed innocent people. It has raped women. Probably, our dear Indian media has forgotten the women protesting with the banner ‘Indian Army Rape Us’? From Manipur to Nagaland – Indian army continues to terrorize people living in India. This is how a terrorist army looks like my dear blind Indian media.


Pakistan army has taken on terrorists and has killed many of them both inside and outside its borders. Pakistanis love its army while half of India has nothing but hatred for its so-called soldiers.

Both inside the borders and outside it, Indian army’s behavior can be used to give lessons on how humanity should not be like. When there are firings at LOC it’s the Pakistani army that targets Indian army posts while the Indian army targets ambulances and passenger buses. This is what warmongering looks like, my dear bigoted Indian media.

And did we forget about Indian army attacking ambulances within the occupied Kashmir? Watch this short clip below and see how a terrorist, hateful and rogue army behaves…

It’s sickening to watch these actions of army of a country that calls itself the world’s largest democracy. To add to the cowardice, there are reports where Indian army is planning to use chemical weapons against innocent Kashmiri civilians to silence their calls for freedom. Terrorist who?

And My Dear Indian Media, if you called our army a terrorist army because it has been terrorizing your forces, making them do suicides and go on leaves, then my dear Indian media, your bigotry will not stop our army from doing so… Neither can the cowardice of your army stop the rising calls of freedom of Kashmir – they will only get louder – rest assured.

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