Twitter Sums Up Our Tea Obsession And It’s Hilarious!

Chai nai, celebri-tea hogai.

If you had to define Pakistan in a triad, armchair politics, food and chai would be one way to sum it up. Yes, as a nation, we take our tea very seriously. More seriously than we’re ever going to take the issues of poverty, corruption and overpopulation.

Here’s proof of our undying obsession with tea; it has slowly seeped into our minds, lives, and even our jokes!

1. Add one teaspoon of Psychology:

2. Here’s one flavor the nation needs to try:

3. In sickness and health;


4. Here’s a tea no one wants;

5. The tea you just can’t ignore;

6. The tea you’ve been living with ever since you were born;

7. Some people can’t stop talking about it even on national television!


8. You eat, breathe, even excrete tea!

9. Because tea isn’t just a beverage, it’s a way of life!

Chai nahi, celebri-tea hogai.


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