Wrap It Up! Top 10 Movies & TV Shows Of 2021

2021 surely offered some brilliant movies and TV shows to end up the year. After the pandemic crises, the way the entertainment industry arose its incredible. Every industry Hollywood, Bollywood them showcased their true charm of entertainment.

They didn’t care about the cinemas and utilized the online OTT platforms for their release. Although some movies delayed and decided to go with the cinema’s approach.

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Although cinemas are open, still some movies are releasing on the famous streaming platform Netflix.

At the end of the year, some outstanding TV shows and movies were released which created history. As 2022 has begun, it’s the right time to wrap up 2021 and check out the top 10 movies and TV shows.

Top 10 Movies and TV Shows of 2021 – Don’t miss it

It’s going to be a separate list of movies and TV shows 5 in each area. The list will contain the highest-rated and most popular ones.

Movies of 2021

Spiderman No Way Home

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There’s no point in denying that Spiderman No Way Home has created history with the pandemic cinemas opening in most of the countries. The plot and twists created the movie up to the mark. And the entry of OG spiderman surely raised the bar.

No Time To Die

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One of the most hyped Hollywood movies “No Time To Die” and the last installment of the Bond franchise. The action, story, and ending made everyone speechless. Daniel Craig’s last film as a bond also created sadness throughout cinemas.

The Power of Dog

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If you are looking for something western with a romantic touch then Power of Dog is the must-watch movie of 2021. Benedict Cumberbatch has delivered one of the best performances.


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Dune also made it to the list for its story and exceptional sci-fi element. It gives you a sci-fi experience and lets you enjoy the cinematic shots.

West Side Story

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Another classic adaptation of the 1957 musical, that allows you to explore the love and rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks. Directed by one of the finest directors Steven Spielberg.

TV Shows of 2021

Squid Game

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When it comes to the best 2021 TV shows, Squid Game stands tall with the most vote as it raised the bar to the next level. Korean drama, Squid Game has become the most popular and number 1 Netflix show ever.


Source: TechRadar

With its massive return, Succession delivered an outstanding storyline of the feud between father and son. The way they ended the previous season, the latest one hook you up surely.

Mare of Easttown

Source: BBC

Kate Winslet’s return as a detective and tries to solve the serial killer case. Mare of Easttown is the perfect example of crime and thrill drama. Her acting was superb along with the other actors. It’s intense and dark with some jaw-dropping moments.

Ted Lasso

Source: Arizona Daily

Ted Lasso returned with the second season and guess what it got funnier. Season 2 exhibits more Ted’s optimism and some new love in the show as well. This time they deep down offered insights of fan-favorite characters such as Rebecca, Roy, and most importantly, Nate.


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Marvel Cinematic Universe’s debut entry in the world of TV shows WandaVision grabbed most of the marvel fans’ attention no doubt on that. Their first experiment worked perfectly fine and real Wanda’s universe was shown as well.

2022 is going to be more exciting because some exceptional shows are returning and new movies are coming ahead.

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