“WandaVision” A Must Watch Show-MCU Experiment Successful

MCU has been domianting in movie area when it comes to superhero movies, but now they have took step further and entered in the TV show category as well.

Recently under Disney MCU produced a show based on their avengers character’s background story.

Wanda Vision is the must show to watch currently, MCU managed to pull off such an experiment and produced an unexpected piece for their audience.

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No doubt, there have been many other marvel shows which were running but their end has come because the big giant came in to take control and that’s what WandaVision did.

Their initial episodes were so epic, that they got recommendations for the 2021 shows, that everyone should watch, and true it’s a no-miss thing.

This show is purely different from other superhero series, it holds something unique in itself, the characters are so perfect that it hooks you up, and most important the story which plays a vital role and the ending twists of each episode.

If you believe in background story and research then this show is fun to watch.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss It?

Wanda aka Scarlet Witch who did her debut in Avengers Age of Ultron along with her brother who died in that edition. But what else do you know about it?

I decided hands down and started with the show. The show stars Elisabeth Olsen and Paul Bethany were looking exceptional together, and dominating throughout the show.

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The show has some eras, which connect with the story, and watching Wanda Vision together feels too good.

Their love of being together is so legit that at one scene she manipulated the whole town just so she could be with vision again.

On the other hand, no spoiler at all you might see some old characters that will make your jaw-dropping moment.

 None of us expected MCU to be dark, but this show somehow covers the dark area as well because it’s mysterious you cannot predict what’s coming next.

People who have seen Wanda Vision till now were in shock after each episode ending and their reactions were priceless.

Up till now, six episodes were streamed, and still people trying to digest all the information they received yet.

Upcoming episodes hold much more entertaining, exciting, and thrill for their audience. Wanda Vision experiment for MCU worked and will end up with the blast.

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