The Surprising Role of Saudi Arabia For The Syrian Refugees

Saudi Arabia Has Hosted 2.4 Million Syrian Refugees: Minister -

Who doesn’t know about the mess that has taken over the middle Eastern country of Syria. The ongoing war has cost thousands of lives and has affected millions more. The situation has taken its toll on many Syrians and most of them have been trying to leave the war-torn country sooner than later hoping to be welcomed by rest of the world.

From Turkey and other mid-eastern countries to a few European countries, all have welcomed the Syrians trying to flee their home – their home which is in a mode of destruction. We know about Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and a few countries in the western world taking the fleeing refugees – refuges who number in tens of millions. We have heard a lot in the media about a few in Europe taking refugees but we have missed on an important detail. It’s about Saudi Arabia.

Yes, a video has emerged and is going viral which shows Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister Adel Al Jubeir speaking in a press conference. The said video gives striking and shocking details about the kingdom’s positive role in the crisis that have engulfed the middle-east. The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia says that his country has been a host to many of the Syrian refugees; 2.4 million to be precise. That’s more than the number you get when you put 2 and 6 zeros. Yep.

As per the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, “With regards to Syrian refugees, Saudi Arabia, since the beginning of the crisis, has taken in almost 2.4 million Syrians, of whom somewhere between 6 and 7 hundred thousand still remain in Saudi Arabia.”

He further talks about how they have hosted millions more from Yemen and says that the king has asked to give a permit to anyone coming from either Syria or Yemen. His exact words:

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman, decreed last summer that any Syrian who comes to Saudi Arabia, or any Yemeni who comes to Saudi Arabia, be immediately provided with a work permit, so they can have legal status.

The Saudi minister was answering a question of a journalist. He further said that Saudi Arabia didn’t boast about its role before as they were not looking for any credit. You can watch the said press conference below:

Many have been surprised due to the lack of knowledge about this positive role Saudi government has been playing in the conflict. With the mess in Syria in the news more than ever before and pain all around, we hope there’s a peaceful end to the crisis and Syrians return safe to the place they once called home: the once peaceful Syria.

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