Sharif's Grand Daughter's 'Ordinary' Wedding!

Sharif’s Grand Daughter’s ‘Ordinary’ Wedding!

It was no small, ordinary occasion. Yes, people do get married everyday, but this was our Prime Minister’s grand daughter’s wedding, and thus transcends way beyond the sphere of us ordinary, earthly creatures. Here’s why;

1. THE Narendra Modi decided to visit

Along with some other VVIP guests from Saudi Arab..




2. And he brought along this pink turban as a present, so Nawaz Sharif just HAD to wear it


pink turban



3. Maryam Nawaz decided to don all the jewelery in the house


maryam nawaz 1



4. So the bride had to wear something that looked like this





5. And because what happens at Jati Umrah stays at Jati Umrah


food 1



6. There will be separate receptions in UAE and UK because You-Only-Get-Married-Once





7. And because the event is being observed with “simplicity”, according to the local media


brtish tailors



And that’s how our politicians celebrate their special occasions.


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