13 Things That Happened For The First Time In 2015

Prepare to be shocked, amazed and a ‘little’ proud…

1. Shia and Sunni sects offered joint Eid prayers together for the first time on Eid al-Adha in Lucknow


source: flipboard.com


2. Saudi Arabia held its first ever election open to female voters and candidates to cast ballots in the conservative nation



source: youtube


3. China called its one-child policy off

source: huffingtonpost


4.  Cuba got Wi-fi for the first time when an artist set up the island’s first Wi-fi in his studio



source: internet1.cubava,cu


5. India honoured first transgender college principal


source: storypick


6. Pakistan became first Asian side to hit 1000 sixes in Test cricket


source: tensports


7. NASA revealed the first ever high-resolution image of Pluto



source: nasa


8. Ireland became the first country to approve sex marriage by referendum in a victory with 62% in favor of it



source: foxnews


9. 2015 Republic Day witnessed the first ever march by an all-women contingent drawn from the Army, Navy, and Air Force in India


source: timesofindia


10. 8 Pakistani won MP seats in UK election


source: balochistanrising


11. The world’s first ”holographic” political demonstration took place in Madrid when thousands protested against a controversial law banning protests outside government buildings



source: presstv


12. Scientists in Switzerland captured the first ever image of light as both a particle and a wave



source: techtimes


13. Pakistan’s First Women Commandos Force To Be Trained


Burqa Army (4)

source: wonderfulpoint



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