An Alleged “Sexist” Cartoon in Najam Sethi’s Editorial Sparks Controversy On Social Media

Sexist, homophobic, racist, islamophobic – one cannot get away without sparking controversy mislocating these particular terms in their speech. Where sentiments could be hurt simply by a projecting stereotyping, discriminating sense towards such vulnerable subjects, there is an increased call for being neutral and guarded in one’s speech. Failure to comply can lead to unwholesome repercussions, further derailing the prospect of having a balanced communication between people and tolerance in the society.

Just recently, an editorial by renowned journalist, Najam Sethi has become a center of a debate. It contains a sexist cover image and has hit a bad nerve with many people. The cartoon is made by Sabir Nazar and people literally condemn such a shambolic piece of work by him.

This is the “sexist” cartoon people are not okay with…


There could be other ways to project the strong idea behind this cartoon image. It is controversial on all grounds and it’s appalling to realize that it is coming from such a renowned cartoonist.

Not the first time Sabir Nazar created a controversial piece…

Source: Twitter

By all means, this cartoon is controversial and it entails a realization about exactly the kind of editorial policy some publications have. How can such content be approved in the first place? It questions the accountability of the publication as well as Najam Sethi who is a prominent figure and has given years in journalism. He must have a brief idea about the kind of content appropriate in terms of publishing.

What do you guys think about it?

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