Meera Jee has a Message for Najam Sethi and It Is Something You Can NOT Miss!

As much as the people love watching cricket, they love Meera too. But when both go hand in hand, what else would they want from life? Meera Irtiza is a famous Pakistani actress who was there at the time when Lollywood was emerging and not had a name of its own.

Meera has always been in the headlines, be it for her English or the way she keeps emphasizing that she’s not more than 25-years-old. Recently, she recorded a video where she is showing pride and love to the Pakistani cricket plus she has praised the efforts of Najam Sethi. He must be so happy! Hehe 😀 Though we do love cricket but we love her too. Seems like Meera has been following PSL more than many people around, we wonder team does she support??

Meera posted the video on her Instagram

This is not the first time she has shown her love for cricket by the actor been a huge fan of this sport. You can see her numerous selfies with many famous cricketers.

Her issues with age! But now the truth has been revealed by the very own Meera herself

Meera apart from being an entertainer is a soft-hearted human who cares for people and wants to spread awareness through her fame. She recorded another video where she said that she wants people to see the heroic side of all women.

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Meera’s video on women’s march

Not many women are as confident as her. She has a good sense of humor and is very jolly. Never have we ever seen her bashing people for any reason.

Oh MY MY! *heart eyes*

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