PTI MNA Zille Huma Sets An Example By Traveling To Parliament Lodges in a Public Vehicle!

As the nation elects Imran Khan as the Prime Minister of this country, there are a lot of changes promised in the initial things. For example, Imran Khan showed how he is strictly against the VVIP culture and promised to bring austerity.

Out of the 30 to 40 vehicles that were afforded and were taken by previous governments as well, Imran Khan just took 6 bullet-proof vehicles and thus far, continues to set an example. Previously, no other politician ruling the country has followed such protocol, but surely, Imran Khan is trying to set a precedent.

But it seems Prime Minister Imran Khan isn’t the only one following things with simplicity.

A Few Days Ago, PTI MNA Zille Huma Shared How She Is Traveling to Parliament Lodges in a Public Vehicle

She used the yellow cab/taxi to commute and shared the treatment she received. Here’s what she posted:

As you can see here. I am an MNA in Parliament Lodges. The abnormality in this picture however is the yellow cab that I arrived in. We all know the red zone has heavy security and yellow cab entry is strictly prohibited. We approached the red zone from many entry points 1/2

And Here’s More

And Here She Mentioned How She Would Want to Follow the Path of Imran Khan As Well

At the Same Time, Someone Suggested the MNA to Travel Through Private Cab Services

But the MNA Mentioned How She Feels Comfortable Traveling with a Familiar Face

This indeed sets an example of how PTI is filled with diversity, and not just the riches. Let’s hope the party and its leaders continue setting a strong example for everyone to follow.

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