Fahad Mustafa Feels Like the Salman Khan of Pakistan and Ummm…

Salman Khan recently became the center of all the news by coming one of the highest earning entertainers of this year, as per Forbes. The actor has been the part of entertainment industry for years, with a career filled with multiple hits and various controversies, so to speak. Khan’s latest release was Race, which did do well on the Box Office, but not the best given the hype.

Coming to the Pakistani Box Office, this Eid, the cinemas had a lot of local content to show to the viewers. Among the films, two were of Fahad Mustafa; Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2 and Load Wedding.

Surely, this was a huge deal for Fahad Mustafa, who plays a lead in both films.

In An Interview with BBC Asian Network, the Actor Talked About his Eid Releases

Jokingly, this is the part where Fahad Mustafa called himself the Salman Khan of Pakistan:

“Since the past four years, producers have been releasing their films on Eid because it’s the time of the year when the masses of the country come to the cinema. I have often had films releasing on Eid as well and I don’t know if I should say this but I feel like the Salman Khan of Pakistan,” 

Khair Hogai, Boss?

While the actor only talked about how his films get released on Eid, like most of Salman Khan’s as well, people kinda took it a bit of context.

Here’s What Pakistanis Started Saying When Fahad Mustafa’s Statement Came


Well, safe to say Fahad Mustafa is a great actor, perhaps one of the finest in the current league, but this was just a statement over the top.


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