A Teacher From Gilgit Makes It To Top 10 Global Teacher Prize 2017 And Prince Harry Congratulates Them All!

Teachers play extremely vital roles in the lives of the students. A child, on an average, spends 7 to 8 hours daily in an educational institute, proving how crucial the influence of teachers is on them. What many of us don’t realize is that because a child is spending almost half of their days away from home, whatever their teachers teach them has great influence.

Many teachers devote much to the cause of betterment for our society and the education sector. Setting an example, a teacher from Gilgit is doing the same.

Meet Ma’am Salima Begum, a Pakistani teacher From a Remote Village of Gilgit-Baltistan



Teaching in an Elementary College for Women in Gilgit, Salima works with the intention to teach girls to be better people for this world. Aside from this, she also finances the education of those who are unable to afford their education. According to her, “My plan is to work towards girls education and to fulfill their educational expenditures. Especially girls who are competent but extremely poor and who want to pursue a higher education.”

In order to honor her contribution to the world of education, the Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Prize has chosen Salima Begum as the top 10 finalists for this year’s Global Teacher Prize 2017. The winner will be awarded with 1 million U.S. dollar prize.

What makes Salima Begum unique is her mentoring process. Here’s what Salima says about it:

“As a teacher educator, through the Teacher Mentoring Process, I am teaching this to the other teachers as well. I have introduced this process in many schools and it is my success story. Without professionally developed teachers, quality education is not possible.”

To add more value to this initiative, Prince Harry shared his opinion on how prestigious teaching is and also congratulated the contestants, including Salima Begum. Here’s what he said, “The finalists for this year’s Global Teacher Prize are from every corner of the world. From the Canadian Arctic to Kenya and Pakistan.”

“But there’s one thing they all have in common, they spark curiosity within a child and nurture the dreams that can change our world for the better.”

What makes teachers different is how they are educating the students aside from the curricular. She allows her students to learn something new by letting them share their ideas and opinions.

We wish Salima all the best of luck for this prestigious initiative.

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