Heartbreaking Last Words of PK661 Victim to His Wife…

The aftermath of PK-661’s crash delivers many stories that bring a chill down to our spines. Every story of each victim comprises of a sentimental temperament that surrounds us with emotions of empathy and solidarity.

The Islamabad-bound flight crashed on Wednesday and took down our spirits with it. All 47 people on board the aircraft have reportedly lost their lives, while the disaster came into being due to an engine failure.

Source: Dunya news & International Business TImes

Source: Dunya News & International Business Times

We mourn many lives including the ones that were supremely close to our hearts. The friends and families of the deceased will not seek rest anytime soon. We mourn the stories that keep coming, one follows another and each one touches our heart every time.

Where a girl longed to see her family members, a man waited to see his unrevealed bride; friends and families waited to greet and welcome their loved ones. Each story makes the heart wound and each one of it is full of substance.

In another story that carries colossal potential, a victim spoke certain words to his wife which turned out to be his last. As we look into another sorrow tale, we stand in solidarity with the afflicted ones.

By the time you are done with your exams, I will be back home to welcome you – last words of Nisaruddin to his wife on phone, right before the PK-661 took off to Islamabad from Chitral on Wednesday. 

Source: Express Tribune

Nisaruddin remains another victim with this particular story, a fond memory.

He was not able to welcome his wife. He had no idea that those words would remain the last thing he would say to his beloved wife.

The victim was a banker by profession and an inhabitant of Oshikhandas village in Gilgit. He was on a working visit to Chitral and spent a couple of days there.

His wife longed to see him and returned early to home from college. She casually opened the television to catch up news when the tragic news broke to her.

It was reported that she went into a state of deep shock and panic. Her neighbors rushed down to see her as a consequence of her reaction to the news.

The couple had got married back in 2014 during October and had 2 children. Nisaruddin was the sole earner for the rest of his family who included 7 people.

The unfortunate victim also had spoken to his 2-year old son Uraibuddin before speaking to his wife. He had promised to bring his favorite chocolate bar in return. 

The bodies are being located and matched with the DNA of families of the deceased. All families have been called in Islamabad to provide DNA samples. Nisaruddin’s family has provided and is now back in Oshikhandass village to arrange a proper funeral for him.

Our hearts are filled with deep sorrow as we come across to every story of the victims. We must pray for their betterment in the afterlife and ease of pain for the loved ones.

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