Hunza Valley’s Junaid Alam Might Be Pakistan’s Own Justin Bieber

Behind the mountains

Born amongst the beautiful mountains in Hunza valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Junaid Alam is making waves online with his talent and charm.

With slight resemblance to ‘the’ Biebs himself, Junaid uses his boyish charm and immense talent and confidence to make place in his viewers’ hearts. He mentions that Western music inspires him. Claims he writes his own songs and comes out with them in collaboration with multiple music artists.

At a time where the entire country is suffering from different problems, a talented coming out of the remote areas of Pakistan is a breath of fresh air. Junaid Alam can even function as a beacon of hope for this country.

Junaid Alam and countless others like him, who have been making efforts in this industry, are an indication that this country is full of untapped talents.

Junaid Alam is currently working on his studio album “Behind the mountains” and we wish him the best for that!

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