Indian Doctor's Viral Video Reveals Shocking Hatred Against Muslim Patients

Indian Doctor’s Viral Video Reveals Shocking Hatred Against Muslim Patients

Indian Doctor video hatred Muslim patients

Till now many people though that the anti-Muslim wave was propaganda initiated by political parties. But now it seems like Indians, in general, are of the same opinion. This is an unfortunate revelation as Pakistanis are always giving the general public the benefit of the doubt.

Recently a video surfaced the internet where an Indian doctor can be seen sharing her opinion regarding Muslims living in India.

The video showcases the shocking views of the lady doctor. However, she has no remorse or slight guilt in saying that Indian Muslims should not be provided with any medical treatment.

‘These Muslims should be in jail not hospital’

“The Chief Minister in an act of appeasement is letting Muslims be admitted to the hospital. The ones who should be put in jail are being treated, fed, and looked after.”

“By letting them be admitted, we are wasting our time, medicines, and PPE kit.”

“These people should not be put in hospitals but in solitary confinement and beaten up.”

Her indifference towards Muslim patients is apparent in the expression and the way she talks about them. While, the same doctor went live on an Indian news channel lying about Muslim patients. Besides, she accused them of spitting and misbehaving.

Twitter condemns doctor’s behavior says, ‘Humanity has died’

Moreover, since the video went viral twitter lashed out at the hypocritical views of the doctor and condemned her reactions.

Such heartless comments can surely not come from a person under oath to save lives whoever it may be.

India ‘champions’ in the blame game

Recently, an Indian politician had made castles in the air as he professed to cleanse India of Muslim ethnicity.

Over the past two months, AFP’s fact check team has debunked hundreds of social media posts that falsely targeted Muslims in the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

Besides, fake videos have proliferated showing Muslims licking fruit for sale and violating lockdown rules. Meanwhile, Indian media has been stirring tensions by accusing Muslims. Recently, Pakistan was accused of sending trained spy pigeons and lastest was blamed to send locusts to India.


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