After Spy Pigeon, India Claims Pakistan Is Planning To Attack Using ‘Tiddi Dal’

India Claims Pakistan Attack Locusts

The rivalry between Pakistan and India dates back to the partition days which still makes headlines every now and then. Although Pakistan has always supported peace, the blame game from the Indian side only stir controversies.

Considered to be one of the worst media in the whole wide world, Indian reporting and journalism have made itself a joke over time. The recent case of Pakistani villager’s ‘spy pigeon’ that was caught by India is the latest example. Yet again, the chaotic Indian journalism is wide awake and as always, is trying to throw dirt at Pakistan regarding the recent locusts incident.

Typical Indian conspiracies against Pakistan

Speaking of Indian journalism and foul-mouthed talk shows on-air, Arnab Goswami is the first name that comes in mind. In a recent episode of his controversial show, India’s Goswami threw his irrational tantrums towards Pakistan, again. But, this time, it seems like our filthy neighbor couldn’t find anything better than locusts to play the blame game.

Emphasizing on ‘tiddi dal’, Arnab Goswami claimed that Pakistan is getting its locusts’ terrorist force ready to attack India. According to Indian media, Pakistan is sheltering and training locusts to ruin Indian crops. Apparently, the locusts’ have been ruining crops on both sides of the border from the last few months which has become a national issue now.

However, the imbecile statements from India against Pakistan has always been an amusing stance for the masses. Certainly, the illogical and mindless claims from the Indian journalist isn’t something new but, hilarious. Well, he’s not the only thing that adds to the country’s embarrassment but their army is even more devoted to doing that.

Indian army begging Chinese soldiers

As per the reports, earlier this week, the Chinese soldiers bashed several Indian arm officials in the Ladakh. Gradually, posts related to the incident started to emerge on social media, and questions were being asked. Moreover, instead of fighting back, the Indian army was begging them to leave and go back to their side.

Well, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to blunders made by our neighbor and its leaders. Failing to control the Chinese situation, the poor Indian army was then gathering virtual support from Indian users. 

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