Another Resignation, Pressure on US for its Gaza Policy

Another Resignation, Pressure on US for its Gaza Policy

Hala Rharrit, an Arabic language official of the US State Department resigned on Wednesday with concerns over the US Gaza Policy.

In the span of a couple of months, America’s policy over Gaza has led to the resignation of many state officials because of their discontent over the constant support of Israel and its brutality against the Palestinians, especially the massive death toll in Gaza. According to the official data 34,300 in Gaza have been killed during the Israeli siege.

Hala Rharrit’s resignation is the continuation of the many officials working under the Biden administration over the US policy on Gaza; and its constant support for Israel.

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Working for 16 years for the US State Department Hala resigned with her push over peaceful negotiations between the stakeholders rather than the use of violence.

Source: Aljazeera

When reached out to Vedant Patel, deputy of the State Department official, the remarks were rather vague and unclear; the constant US support for Israel, with Patel’s insistence over such protests leading a more robust policy developments.

 Another point of view to understand the situation is that concerning Josh Paul. A staffer in the US State Department who resigned last year added that these resignations are pressurizing the US to review its policy but the actual shift requires more energy and time.

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