This Is How Some Heartless Indians Cheering PIA Plane Crash In Karachi

Indians about plane crash

A PIA Airbus plane with 99 onboard crashed into a residential area of the Pakistani city of Karachi on Friday while on approach to the airport. The tragic incident of the plane crash sent shockwaves across Pakistan. However, certain people living in India are celebrating the devastating incident.

When the world is sending messages of condolences, the reactions coming from the other side of borders were deplorable.

It is so sad…

This how they are taunting

Even Turkish people noticed that and shared the tweets of some Indians

‘You are not human’

‘Some sick Indians with their twisted inhuman verbal terrorism’

Here’s how they replying on condolences.

This evil is laughing…

Not all Indians but certainly many of them have shown disgrace and commented shamefully on social media platforms. This is not how humanity works. The relations between Indian and Pakistan became worse after India revoked article 370 and 35 A from her constitution. However, Pakistan tried pacific policy until they sent Abhinandan. Hopefully, those making such jokes may realize how tough it is for the people of Pakistan.

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