Govt Of Punjab Research Study Suggests Lahore May Have Almost 700,000 Coronavirus Cases!

The coronavirus seems to be relaxing its grip from the countries it had exhausted but it seems like Pakistan has not even hit its peak yet. Currently, the number of total COVID-19 cases in Pakistan stands at an alarming 73,000. With almost 3000 deaths, the news just keeps getting worse.

A recent test study revealed that Lahore has become the epicenter of the coronavirus in Pakistan. With 25,000 cases of COVID-19 in Punjab, Lahore has the lion’s share of 12,000 positive cases. However, this is not the biggest worry.

The testing study concluded by the Government of Punjab itself has made a shocking revelation. Through smart sampling, it is being expected, that Lahore currently has almost 7 lac, yes you read that correct, almost 7 lac coronavirus positive cases.

Annexure 3 of the report states: “With the result of both sampling exercises pouring in, a worrisome picture of the COVID-19 prevalence in the communities is emerging. The positivity rate is 5.18%.”

Almost 700,000 positive cases in Lahore – lockdown needed

The report then adds that the overall rate was 6% while some towns showed a positivity rate of almost 15%. It further reads: “The actual new cases during the exercise in Lahore are estimated at 6.70,800. These cases being asymptomatic could not be reported to the health facilities but became the main source of infection and local transmission.”

Consequently, the suggestion now was given to the Government of Punjab under the patronage of Usman Buzdar is to put a complete lockdown in Lahore. That too, for 4 weeks, at least. And this time, by complete lockdown the suggestion is to not let anyone out. Otherwise, this presumed 7 lac figure will multiply beyond repair.

This is one of the most alarming news’ received since COVID-19 hit Pakistan. Moreover, the summary reveals that no area in Lahore was left unaffected. Every part of the city had COVID-19 patients.

Since the news broke, people have been taking to social media to show their fear and disgust at how the government handled this pandemic. Meanwhile, PM Imran Khan on the other hand is talking about reopening tourist spots in Pakistan. This, before we have even hit the potential peak of COVID-19 in Pakistan.

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