Hindu Politician Claims To Erase Muslims From India, Emirati Princess Claps Back!

Hindu politician Muslims princess

Indian government is in a state of illusion. And to prove the state of their fantasies, another Indian politician is now making castles in the air as he professes to cleanse India of Muslim & Christian ethnicity.

BJP and RSS leader Rajeshwar Singh, is failing miserably to intimidate the Muslim and Christian communities.

In his hate speech he said that “Muslims and Christians will be wiped out of India by December 31st 2021”.

Brewing with hatred he continued, “that ‘we’ have decided that Islam and Christianity will be finished in India by 2021.”

“This pledge has been taken by me and my colleagues. This is our pledge.”

This is a member of India’s ruling party openly boasting of his government’s intent to ethnically cleanse 200 million Muslims and 28 million Christians.

After his proclamation, Princess Hend Al Qassimi, an Emirati royal and businesswoman took to twitter to shed light on the whole matter.

She tweeted, “Kindly update explain what is this about erasing Muslims and Christians from India by 2021? Who or what are you, people? How can the most compassionate people forget their roots?”

In response to the Princess’s tweet an Indian twitter user, tweeted, “Nobody knows his name. Ur making ( Rajeshwar Singh) him famous”

While it is refreshing to see people seeing sense regardless of their nationality, Princess Qassimi highlighted the fact that regardless of his position, his words hold significance as they highlight the mindset of the said leader.

Twitterati reacts sensibly to the controversial statements

Safe to say people are taking proclamation as nothing but empty threats. None the less it is time for politicians to THINK before they speak.

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