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A Kid got beaten up in Lahore’s Famous Kindergarten and here’s What the Mother Says

Schooling is an essential part of everyone’s life and it plays a vital role in one’s character building at a very young age. However, choosing the perfect school for your kids is what you look forward to the moment you know you’re expecting a child. Of course, after the expensive schooling, one really needs to make a wise decision so they can educate their kid with the best schooling system and environment.

Lately, not many schools are meeting the expectations of parents and what the schools actually aim to do which is to provide the perfect learning environment for a kid. Incidents after incidents are taking place in certain schools which is indeed terrifying for all the parents.

Similar cases have happened in Lahore Grammar School, Johar in the past and now LGS Preschool, Johar Town. A mother shared an incident that happened with her little son and it was truly appalling. Her kid was scratched and bitten by another kid and had bruises, scratches, and bites on his faces.

Here’s what the kid’s mother had to say:

Im utterly DEVASTED!
I sent my 3 year old boy to playgroup today at Lgs Preschool Johar Town Playgroup section) section and when I came to pick him they sent him out for me to receive him. He was drenched in BLOOD his body was covered with bites bruises and scratches. Nobody offered an explanation. I asked him outside the Gate and he told me he was attacked. I forced my way inside to get answers from the administration but I was to overwhelmed and passed out unconscious before I could reach there. 
I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest. Aren’t schools responsible for the wellbeing and safety of our children. I am announcing a boycott to all mums in his class who frequently share similar concerns with me about some abusive trouble makers. I agree that kids are kids. But a school should pile up kids like wild herds in their class just to add make more money if their are incapable of assuming responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the children. This attack must have gone on for Atleast 5 to ten minutes because his whole body is battered scratched and bitten. 
He is a shy introvert child why has always been taught never to raise a hand one another. I blame myself for that.

Im utterly DEVASTED!I sent my 3 year old boy to playgroup today at Lgs Preschool Johar Town Playgroup section) section…

Posted by Qundeel Sadiq on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

This incident is totally outrageous and unacceptable. Many of these schools are now neglecting the discipline that should be taught in schools and instead, have their focus diverted towards money and getting more and more students admitted. Where is the education? What are we getting out of it, beaten up kids?

The question that lies here is that, should we not consider schools to be a safe place for our kids, anymore? After hefty amounts of monthly fees, is this what our kids are being taught? Sending our kids to top-notch school, just so they can get the best education, is this what the schools are giving us in return, which is; no security, no discipline?

The mother had a valid question here:

Aren’t schools responsible for the wellbeing and safety of our children?

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