This Holy Quran Written On Chinese Paper Is The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll Ever See

Timurid Quran

One of the best feelings in the world has to be when you get a new copy of the Quran Majeed, the Holy Quran. For centuries, it has remained as the best code of conduct on how a Muslim needs to live their life.

The perfect book, comprising of beautiful revelations, remains the closest to a Muslim’s heart, no matter where in the world he is. Over the course of time, we have seen some of the most amazing copies of the Holy Quran.

From verses written with gold on a huge copy to pocket versions and today, even digital ones. The Quran has, is, and will always remain extremely important to Muslims.

quran chinese

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Just as anyone else, when we got to see the most beautiful copy of the Quran created, we too, had watery eyes. This Quran, written on Chinese paper, is so stucking, it might leave you in tears.

Created in the 15th century, the Timurid Quran copied on Ming Dynasty gold-printed colored paper, is jawdroppingly beautiful. It is also now up for grabs, if you are interested in buying it. It is being auctioned in London on June 25th for an estimated $800k – $1.2 million.


The Timurid Quran is so beautiful, that bidders from across the world have already made it to London to purchase it. Painted in gold color, the color of the text jumps out on the pages. Some people who have seen this copy of the Quran that it is one of the most beautiful sights they have ever watched.

Previously, an Azerbaijani woman spent a long time creating a very beautiful copy of the Holy Quran.  Tunzale spent 3-years, dedicating her life to rewriting the Quran with gold on silk pages. The result is so captivating that it would even melt the heart of an atheist.

quran on silk pages

quran on silk pages

Tunzale project of rewriting the Quran started after she investigated the process of rewriting the Holy book. The Quran has been rewritten on so many different materials, but Tunzale found out that nobody had written it on silk.

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