PM Imran Khan Wins Hearts Again After Reducing Office and House Expenses

Imran khan expenses

Prime Minister Imran Khan has been victoriously winning hearts since he took the oath. He is a keen man with a vision and simplicity. Hence the nation couldn’t be more proud of having him as an elect Prime Minister. Time and time again, he is getting more and more examples for his followers and nation to look up to. Prime Minister Imran Khan has been vocal and made it clear many times that one should stay and live simply. Interestingly though, he tries to set the example himself.

imran khan expenses economy office


Recently, our PM has been making news again, by introducing a knock-out budget for the year 2020-2021. The budget clearly shows Prime Minister Imran Khan’s simplicity in a new light. He has managed to reduce the expenses of his office and household in order to make sure that the nation gets the best of it. If that isn’t something to be proud of we don’t know what is.

His special assistant Shahbaz Gill shows how the expenditure has been further reduced from 41% last year to 21% more this year by spreading austerity to the 34 federal ministries and 44 divisions. The budget of the previous year was a tad bit relieving however this year promises even more. Moreover, the Prime Minister also made sure that he cuts his personal and official expenses so the economy can thrive. Wow! This definitely deserves a 10/10 from our part.

imran khan expenses economy office


As a whole, all we can say is ‘Thank You Imran Khan’ for your hard work and determination. We respect and admire your determination. We hope and wish that you defy all odds and stay strong.

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