Rohail Hyatt Gets Flak For Trying To ‘Mansplain’ Menstruation & PMS To Women

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The music producer and avid Twitter user Rohail Hyatt has again provoked public outrage with his tweets, but this time with his take on PMS and menstruation.

As he saw women having a conversation about the trials and tribulations of menstruation, including the pain and mood instability they face as a result of hormonal fluctuations, Hyatt decided to share his thoughts on how to handle this and the importance of “accepting” it.

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“We don’t talk enough about the mental and emotional effects of hormonal changes throughout a woman’s life. It’s so scary to know I’m crying because of a chemical but can’t do anything to fight it,” tweeted a user, after which Hyatt went on to offer his unsolicited opinion on the matter.

“Very important to understand and realize the subconscious aspect of this sadness. Since at our root layer, survival of our species is our primary function, shedding an unused egg post ovulation triggers a deep ‘missed opportunity’ emotion wave. Acceptance helps,” wrote the music composer. 

Of course, his attempt at “mansplaining” women’s bodies and experiences quickly drew blowback as he ignored the very real chemical imbalances at work that greatly contribute to the feelings of sadness and distress during PMS.

The musician receives backlash for his mansplaination

When a woman asked him to not “mansplain menstruation to women” and told him that his advice on acceptance may not be of much use to women having increasingly painful experiences due to their period, Rohail replied, “Why not? You all complain that men don’t understand or care what you go through and when one does care, you pounce on him?”

“I’m referring to the psychological aspect of the pain and misery. All pain can be managed by a relaxed and calm mind. Acceptance helps with inner peace.” He went on to add further that acceptance “helps us become masters of the experience instead of being a slave to it,” he continued.

Hyatt went on to equate having a uterus with coming from one after a user questioned whether the music producer has a uterus due to his ferocious desire to understand the experience. “No. But, we all came from one… I hope!” he replied.

It is hard to ignore the fact that Hyatt’s tweets are rife with privilege, ignorance, and condescending remarks, let alone his infamous “being poor is hard but being rich is harder” argument. As an avid Twitter user, he frequently receives criticism for his unwelcome opinions on various topics. Additionally, Hyatt was previously also criticized for backing PM’s insensitive comment on rape.

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