‘Tawaif From Heera Mandi’ – Amma Angers Zoya Nasir With Her Remarks On Actors & Models

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Actor Zoya Nasir voiced her displeasure with the language used by a critic, Lubna Faryad, when discussing her show Badzaat.

Faryad recently reviewed the drama’s storyline that revolves around Wali (Imran Ashraf) and his birth mother (Saba Faisal), whom he chooses to meet even after his father had cut ties and had divorced her while he was still young.

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In the drama, it shows that Faisal belonged to the entertainment industry and was a dancer who chose her career above her son. Later in life, Wali’s half-sister Ainee (Nasir) wants to follow in their mother’s artistic footsteps and becomes a model, a career her brother disapproves of.

Critiquing the show, Faryad had referred to Faisal as a “tawaif maa [prostitute mother]” whom Wali stays in touch with despite the painful memories he has of his parents before they separated. She discussed a scene in which Wali ruins Ainee’s fashion shoot and brings her back to his mother’s house, questioning her choice of clothing and career.

While referring to the scene and Nasir’s character wanting to pursue a career in modeling, Faryad said that often “educated mothers have educated children” therefore a daughter following her mother’s footsteps in the show is not strange. “There used to be a Heera Mandi before. There used to be dances to tablas and now Indian songs are played… This is the movement.”

Zoya Nasir calls out the critic

“[…] I’m sorry amma you’ve disappointed me so badly. You went straight to Heera Mandi? You mean we can’t be clean models or actors?”

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Nasir also wrote that Faryad has “collectively hurt” the feelings of a lot of hardworking “shareef [innocent] families” including her mother and father who, “instead of being a movie writer has written countless books on Islam.” She suggested that Faryad pick one up herself and read it. “Ambitions for being an actor can be achieved just by talent and passion,” she wrote.

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“Diss our acting and bad content but to insult a profession from which you’ve made your fame?” the actor further wrote, “Don’t get carried away. These supposedly actors from Heera Mandi that you assume only are the ones who keep you entertained.”

“Your review is one thing but to disrespect a profession in such an ignorant way was such a low blow,” wrote Nasir. She also suggested that the critic should be more “careful” in the future with her words.

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The actor also wrote that artistry runs in families and gave examples of doctors and lawyers.

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Nasir also clarified that she had to take to a public forum because Faryad formed a “strong, misleading and hurtful” opinion. “It wasn’t your guess [on] Ainee about what she might do, you made it pretty clear it was all artists in general,” she wrote.

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