Zara Peerzada Starts A Much-Needed Conversation About How ‘Mentally Taxing’ Periods Can Be

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Model Zara Peerzada recently touched upon a topic that is rarely discussed in Pakistan. The model talked about how hard it is to go to work and be social while coping with the “mentally taxing” symptoms of menstrual cycle.

Peerzada took to Instagram stories to start a conversation on menstruation and the toll it takes on women mentally and physically.

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“We talk about going to work with cramps and headaches but where are my sisters with severe hormonal imbalances, PMDD, poor mental health, and PMS? How do you cope if you have a socially interactive job or work environment?” Peerzada asked her followers.

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Periods are often accompanied by physical, psychological, and emotional challenges for women. Various medical conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can result from hormonal imbalances, as Peerzada pointed out.

Many women experience a variety of symptoms before their period called premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Symptoms include bloating, headaches, cramps, and moodiness. Meanwhile, Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is more severe than PMS. The week or two before your period begins, you may experience severe irritability, depression, or anxiety.

Even though symptoms typically fade away once the period starts, women may need medicine or other treatment to alleviate their symptoms. Symptoms of hormonal imbalances, PMS, and PMDD can make it hard to perform everyday activities like going to work or school as well as engaging in various socializing activities, which often require a healthy mental and physical state.

Zara Peerzada discusses her experience

“As I’ve gotten older, my menstrual cycle has become extremely mentally taxing,” Peerzada wrote. “Extreme anxiety, extreme anger, irritability, and despondency. I feel like when it started happening I was caught off guard because so much of the conversation is based around the physical struggles of menstruation, and not the mental or hormonal changes [that occur] as your body grows older and your menstrual cycle evolves.”

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“Younger audience, you will have mania to look forward to as you continue to menstruate,” Peerzada added. “No one told me so I’m telling you. You’re going to feel awful and out of control and cis men do not understand.”

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“My partner and family have suffered the worst of it because I have a terrible temper that I have learned now to control […]. But most days it cannot be helped.” She further emphasized her personal struggles.

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She advised her female followers to become more aware of PMS and PMDD so understand how their body processes. The posts Peerzada made on menstruation were widely supported. However, some of her followers couldn’t understand why she went to work even when her symptoms were so severe.

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We appreciate the model for starting a conversation we really need to have. Talking about menstrutaion should not be taken as a taboo anymore.

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