Reham Claims She Found Cocaine In Imran Khan’s Pockets and Boy, She Has Evidence!

Reham Khan’s autobiography has been published and is available online. The highly sought-after book by the former wife of Imran Khan amassed massive controversy after the content of it raised many eyebrows. Pro-PTI and Imran Khan supports are completely enraged to witness what the former wife claims in her book.

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Reham Khan’s controversial book has surrounded an epidemic of hype now. Reham managed to claim personal things about Imran Khan. It also involved Hamza Ali Abbasi. Plus, the book is largely centered on her marriage with the PTI chairman which was broken even before a year of completion. Ever since Reham has not come to rest or laid her claims to bed.

Reham Khan comes up with another claim about Imran Khan and provides evidence…

In her book which is titled, “Reham Khan”, the former wife claims that Imran kept possession of cocaine and she got hold of it numerous times. She further mentions that she found it in the pocket of his coat.

And here is the evidence that she provides in her book:

Source: Daily Pakistan

According to Daily Pakistan, the news of the former wife bringing forward such a claim in her book has rattled many Pakistanis. While this is something that she confidently provides with all assertion now, we must not rule out that this is not the concrete source to pull in our judgments.

Right before the general elections of 2018, when PTI and Imran are in a crucial position politically, a heap of controversies continues to surround him. In fact, Reham’s antics are like a bolt of thunder against the prospect of her former husband having a resolute position and representation in the next government set to take after elections.

What do you guys think about the autobiography of the former wife of Imran Khan and her outrageous claims?

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