370 Kilos Of Cocaine Found At CocaCola Plant

We all have heard of the long propagated fact that Coca Cola once contained trace amounts of cocaine before it was made illegal. I know, most of you wish you were alive back then.

Since then, we have all assumed that Coca Cola has come a long way away from their stained past. Turns out, that might not be completely true.

According to authentic news sources from France, a group of Coca Cola factory workers was taken aback on discovering about 370 kilos of Cocaine found in the shipment of fruit juice concentrate that was imported from Costa Rica.

The net worth of the drug varies around 50 million Euros! Since, the workers in the company were the people to report the police of the drugs, they have been ruled out as suspects.

This feels like a real life “Los Pollos Hermanos” situation from Breaking Bad, where the large fried chicken franchise was used as the production site for methamphetamine.

It is possible that the Coca Cola factory in Costa Rica is involved in such operations and has accidentally shipped the wrong containment. Or it could be a whole different story. As of now, investigations are underway.

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