Rabi Peerzada Has a Completely Different Take on Meesha-Ali Controversy and Oh My God!

On Thursday evening, Meesha Shafi, a popular artist brought forward her claims where she accuses Ali Zafar of harassment. Her tweet has rattled the atmosphere. The social media fraternity in Pakistan is appalled to see Meesha’s claims. Some have chosen to side with her, some have chosen to be neutral, while others simply back Ali Zafar until proven.

Meanwhile, Ali Zafar, he has totally denied Meesha’s claims of harassment on her. He has also challenged to take the case in the courtroom. In an official tweet that came shortly after Meesha’s statement, social media was absolutely buzzing with reactions.

Many celebrities have reacted to the case. It is being discussed in every nick and corner as well as national television. People have different stances. Some are encouraging Meesha for taking up the courage and taking a leap forward. People have been welcoming, while some of them have simply shown a cold shoulder to her.

On the other hand, there are also women who have used the #MeToo movement to bring forward their claims. They also accuse Ali Zafar of sexually harassing them. There have been different women in different places who have taken the leap to voice out their concerns.

As celebrities continue to give their two cents, we caught one celebrity’s, in particular, reaction to the whole case. Yes, we are talking about Rabi Peerzada. Rabi Peerzada has a totally different stance on the whole matter and my word, this would equally shock you and surprise you.

Here’s Rabi Peerzada being Rabi Peerzada

Oh God. Let that sink in. Seriously, I mean seriously? “CHEAP PUBLICITY?” What on earth is wrong with people. Why is she relevant – I mean, why is even relevant?

As of course, how can people let go of it without giving their thoughts? It’s shocking, surprising, funny and unbelievable, all at the same time.


We are as shocked as you are right now.

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