Here’s What Popular Pakistani Celebrities Think about the Entire Meesha-Ali Controversy

Meesha Shafi, a popular artist who has amassed to massive popularity in the past couple of years, accuses Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. Meesha spoke up on Twitter on Thursday and ever since social media in Pakistan is into a meltdown. The star-celebrity, Ali Zafar has totally denied her claims and has challenged to take the case in the laws of a courtroom.

Meesha Shafi’s allegations against Ali Zafar have rattled the hemisphere

Meanwhile, Ali Zafar did not resort to silence. He came in action and was quick to respond to all allegations.

Ali Zafar’s statement has sparked a huge debate

People are divided: some comfortably agree with Meesha Shafi and choose to side with her. Others simply have chosen to be neutral about it or have also sided with Ali Zafar unless Meesha could prove it without a resourceful evidence or anything to back her claims up.

On the other hand, more and more women are using the #MeToo movement and coming forward with their experiences with Ali Zafar. There have been several women who have openly accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. Meanwhile, Pakistani celebrities have addressed the whole controversy and shared their opinions.

Pakistani celebrities give their two cents on the matter

Iffat Omar sides with Meesha

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I have to address the elephant in the room. It’s not easy for me because I know both of them and both are from highly respectable families.I read Meesha’s accusation multiple times and then I saw Ali’s reply. My analysis is simply based on facts. Meesha is a superstar who is really successful, and earns as much as the male stars in this country. She is educated, a perfect wife, and a super mom. She is young and extremely beautiful. So why would she do this if she was not hurt?Many people are claiming that she is doing this for fame or money????Hain?? She already has more than enough of both. Ali’s argument is that he is a son, father and husband.. Well so are some of the worlds worst killers, rapists, frauds etc only if this could stop men?‍♀️ #isupportMeeshashafi Repos Repost#Repost @meesha.shafi with @get_repost

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Urwa Hocane supports Meesha too

Osman Khalid Butt has a different stance – he spoke against how the internet tends to make a joke out of everything, even a grave issue such as harassment

Reham Khan is proud of Meesha for speaking up!

Here’s what Bina Shah thinks

Amir Liaquat was quick to join the discussion

Meanwhile, many celebrities openly side with Ali Zafar

Here’s what Maya Ali says…

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I’m not here to say who is wrong and who is right or who did what and who didn’t… Let’s say, I haven’t known him for long, but I have been working with him since 1 year, we shot our film in Lahore and then we were all together in Poland to shoot the rest of the film and I never ever got any kind of that vibe from him… I always found him talking to his wife and kids on FaceTime and this made me a fan of him, because he would always share his good and bad moments with his wife and family… When we were on set or in any restaurant with the whole team he would always make sure that he was sharing these moments with her… I am not judging anyone nor giving any clarification on anyone’s behalf, and we can’t judge the one side of a book… I respect this man @ali_zafar and want the truth to come out, until then we shouldn’t judge anyone’s character…????

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Mahira Khan chooses to be neutral

So does Armeena

Hamza Ali Abbasi seemingly lost it

Eh, what?

We would just leave it here. What’s your stance?

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