Prsyhuny Palestinian barbarity continues the fifth consecutive day, another 14 people were killed

Gaza: Israeli forces in the occupied Gaza Strip are continuing brutal actions fifth consecutive day, Israeli jets bombed the latest Palestinian killed and 14 more were injured.

According to foreign news agency on the Gaza Strip, Israeli jets bombed the fifth consecutive day, causing severe 14 Palestinians killed and several wounded. Rescue personnel transported the injured to nearby hospitals, where doctors immediately according to the evidence, is expected to rise.

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In a statement issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Health said in jblyh 4 people, 2 people in northern Gaza in Beit lahyh 3 Killed in eastern Gaza. Israeli bombardment continued past 5 days so far in the 700 to 124 unarmed Palestinians have been injured, killed and wounded a large number of women and children.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the UN to appeal for peace in Gaza, saying that the attack would be with more power than ever. The attacks on Gaza to prevent a global pressure on them and if there was pressure to be resisted.

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Israeli officials say that Hamas from firing rockets into Israel than 5 in which no casualties were reported, Hamas rockets fell on a house in Tel Aviv, a woman whose minor injuries. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli genocide of the Palestinians, calling for support from the international community appealed.

2 days ago The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon chaired an emergency meeting of the Security Council urged the parties to the ceasefire was called on the international community to stop the violence in Gaza that they make every possible effort .

U.S. President Barack Obama to halt Israeli aggression mediation was offered to play the role of the Israeli Prime Minister was rejected. The Organization of Islamic Conference OIC Ministerial Team for efforts to end the war has created. Israeli bombing killed 22 people on Saturday when dozens were injured.

First Published In Express, 12th July, 2014.

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