You Can’t Change History By Editing Your Maps, Google. Palestine Exists!

Yet again, the internet has been filled with outrage and anger as people notice Google “deleted” Palestine from its Maps application. Palestinians face yet another prejudiced treatment by the hands of the West as the grey state of Israel once again crushes human rights, and demolish the existence of a once proud and prosperous country.

While those with a voice need to stand up against the evils of the world, the opposite is happening.

Removing the existence of a country that is drenched in an unjust war of cruelty? How can they expect to get away with that?

A Brief Recap:

In the Muslim community around the globe, Israel is seen infamously as they once arrived as refugees in the state of Palestine but forcefully took over as years progressed. The word ‘oppression’ does not even remotely begin to describe what happened later with Palestine.

Claiming to fight off “terrorist” group Hamas and its supporters, Israel, with heavy funds that it receives from the US, has been using advanced weaponry and air strikes to completely destroy the infrastructure and population count of the original country that helped Jewish migrants.

In fact, in 2014, Israel launched full-on operation in order to annihilate Hamas in the Gaza strip which resulted in over 20,000 deaths for Palestinians.

Apart from a few Muslim countries (not even all Muslim majority nations), no other state spoke up for ceasefire in that time and even the US, self-proclaimed biggest human right activist, did not hear the cries of Palestinians at that time.

Present Situation:

People have taken over to the internet demanding everyone to boycott Google search engine:






The exclusion of map of Palestine is a serious insult to Palestinians and definitely undermines the efforts of millions of people who are involved in a campaign to restore the original beauty of Palestine.

Since Google Maps is one of the most used apps for finding locations and destinations, the actions taken by this multi-billion company has sparked outrage across journalists and the general population.

Seen as an oppressor state and the region where events leading to apocalypse will begin, Muslims believe Israel is among top schemers of the world, and the omission of Palestine from world map is seen as part of Israel’s scheme to establish a legitimate state for its generations meanwhile turning its status opposite by making Palestinians as refugees or migrants in their own homeland.

Map of Palestine:

The whole world seems to have become biased to the Palestinians as only a few nations speak up on international forums. Although Israel is not recognized by Pakistan, only a few humanitarian missions have been carried out to offer help to the oppressed country of Palestine.

No special lighting is done around Eiffel Tower or any other memorable buildings around the globe. That is left solely for the purpose when a “Muslim” terrorist strikes and kills a few people. The cries of millions of people who daily face the boot of Israel does not reach the West and Europe and they continue to support a nation which is not a nation at all.

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