These People Have Taken Their Weddings to a Whole New Level by Breaking All Stereotypes!

These People Have Taken Their Weddings to a Whole New Level by Breaking All Stereotypes!

Nowadays, people don’t care what weather it is, what time it is what day it is. Seems like people are okay getting married kisi b waqt!! This is not all. People are breaking the bandwagon of nighttime weddings and now with all the shiny sunglasses, the new trend of a daytime wedding has become the new cool!

Couples now have taken over the wedding season by storm and are giving people the best possible wedding goals ever! Every time you see someone comes up with a totally unimaginable photo shoot, and you can’t seem to believe your eyes. No? Now, here is this outdoor shoot and that too in a very cool and easy manner around the tropical trees!

Now that’s a DAB!

Thinking the unimaginable to happen?! Here’s what this couple has done. Ever thought of having Mc Crispy sitting on the hood of your car?? That too, on your wedding day?! Well, well, well…the bride herself is a photographer –  Waliya Najib shared her wedding photo on her Instagram and people can’t help but love the photo and concept!

While she’s interested in her burger, he sure seems only interested in her!

Here’s another Indian bride breaking the stereotype

If you are happy with your wedding and want to dance, who’s stopping you?

Hookah and Shadi! This couple must have the best photo shoot eveerrr!

The wedding won’t stop the midnight craving. Why not go and grab some snacks by yourself? 😉

The wedding is that one important event in every human’s life and wouldn’t want it to be any ordinary. Right? What are your goals and plans for the wedding? Do you know anyone who has done something more crazy than this? Tag them. 😉

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