Pakistani Celebrities Are Keeping Edhi’s Legacy Alive This Amazing Way and We’re So Proud!

Edhi, for Pakistan, was not just a person who led a larger than life operation for the service of humanity. He was beyond that; he is a symbolic ideology that continues to inspire the world today and for all times to come. Our national hero may have passed away but the sole purpose and the ideology he lived for remains alive today, while we, as Pakistanis, have a responsibility to keep it ignited for generations to come.

We learned through Faisal Edhi that funds for the organization to run effectively have drastically dropped since Mr. Edhi passed away. Indeed, it’s an alarming prospect and a call for all Pakistanis to join their efforts in helping out an organization that is dedicated to helping us. Surely, it followed an effective call to action as nobody could even dare to see the efforts and dedication of late Abdul Sattar Edhi derail.

Edhi gave away his life for us and now it’s time for us to keep his legacy alive

Pakistanis were swift on the call. Many of us took part in making a contribution. We wanted to make a larger impact and for just that, we joined an ongoing movement led by Coke to donate. This smart campaign is an inspiring initiative that led Pakistanis to involve their friends and family and hence make a big difference. People actively became a part of it, donated and also in support, changed their Facebook profile pictures, adopting the #ForEdhi filter. And if you haven’t done yet, simply follow this link.

Source: Daily Pakistan

Filling a bottle of Coke with as much money we could, nominating our friends and families and donating the #BottleOfChange to Edhi Centres or via 75,000+ EasyPaisa destinations across Pakistan without a charge or online. Coke doubles all our donations and it has been really effective in making the desired impact, reaching the objective every Pakistan aims for. As Coke went the extra mile, renowned Pakistani celebrities joined the campaign, made their contribution and set a brilliant example for everyone.

Here are all the Pakistani celebrities who joined the movement and went live #ForEdhi

This Ramadan, Pakistanis came to follow the amazing trend led by Coke and, one-by-one, the entire movement surged all across social media. People learned, got inspired and have been actively participating in the cause #ForEdhi.









Kübra Khan




Not just that, our media also joined the entire movement. The pursuit for this great cause has been phenomenal and every media outlet has encouraged the community to take part in it. Team Parhlo also made sure #EdhiLivesOn:

So, Pakistan, let’s continue this great initiative because we must keep the legacy of Edhi alive. Let’s make sure this cause reach epic miles of success because it’s not about us, it’s about Edhi; it’s about a man who shed every bit of his sweat for Pakistan and humanity. Let’s keep up the good work #ForEdhi.

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