7 Hilarious Struggles Of A Forgetful Person


If you’ve been labeled a “bhulakkar” by your friends and if good memory just isn’t your thing, these are the things you’ll be able to relate to:

1. You’ve walked into a room and forgotten why you’re there uncountable times


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2. You’re in the middle of a perfectly normal conversation and then you just forget what your next point was going to be



3. You’ve spent most of your life looking for lost things and then cursing yourself for being the person that you are


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4. And when someone comes and says ‘Hi’ and you can’t tell them you’ve forgotten their name


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Talk about awkwardness!

5. You’re always getting into trouble for forgetting birthdays and anniversaries

Even your own.


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6. Sticky Notes and reminders help you get through life


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7. That perpetual “I’ve forgotten something” anxiety is annoying AF


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You can eat all the almonds you want and follow those 76468 remedies everyone has told you about, but there’s no getting rid of this bad memory.

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