This Woman Allegedly Accused Faisal Edhi Of Harassment And It is Utterly Shocking

Abdul Sattar Edhi was the man who earned worldwide respect! People know him for his cause and he never did it for any fame or “to be in the trend” but just for the sake of people. He was the real king of people’s heart in Pakistan.

Though Edhi foundation is not as good as it was before when Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahab was young and was energetically working for the institution.

People were shocked when yesterday, a woman on Twitter accused Faisal Edhi (Abdul Sattar’s son) of sexual harassment.

She wrote that the incident(s) took place way back 10 to 15 years from now

She said that for quite long she used to accuse herself for this happening to her

She was working in a party where they asked her to meet Faisal for funds

When the meeting ended Faisal offered her to drop off, she accepted as a polite gesture but what happened later shocked her

This was not it! He tried calling her and spammed her phone with texts

When she didn’t pick his phone, he threatened her that he’ll freeze the party funds

He called her from London saying that she was a “special” girl. She never picked his phone again and had to change her number to get rid of him

She stayed quiet for all this time because she knew no one would believe her

How hard it is for a woman to open up about her pain; expose the man who’s wrong. If calling the wrong the wrong is a sin then be it a sin! But no predator should be left unexposed!

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