Narendra Modi’s Plogging Is Being Trolled On The Internet!

Modi Plogging

Since the re-election of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the blunders and failures India is facing under his leadership have become a regular guffaw material. From losing their MiG 21’s to Pakistan to become a joke in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), PM Modi has caused it all. Well, yet again, another blunder of the Indian PM plogging on the beach has got India on the internet chop block.

As the world is now aware of the fact how India always faces humiliation when it tries its cheap tactics with Pakistan. Earlier this month, the world asked India ‘what’s all that Nimboo for’ after its Defence Minister Rajnath Singh used lemons to protect its first French Rafale. Apparently, this time, the world is in severe hysteria after India’s stupid PM Narendra Modi has called on Sweden for help.

Indian PM picking up trash on the beach is raising many questions in people’s minds!

Recently, PM Modi was seen flaunting his trash-picking skills on the media while Pakistanis are worried that who will pick him up then? Well, it was then later revealed that the naive Indian PM was Swedish plogging on the seashore with the whole camera team on his head. Though it wasn’t something new from India’s side but social media users had a lot to say about it.

PM Modi became a ‘garbage man’ to lead an example for his dirty Indian nation!

Evidently, there is no connection between India and cleanliness as the human dung filled beaches and railway tracks of the country say it all. Particularly, Indian beaches have now turned into a filth garage because the country trash has made its way to the beaches. Apparently, Indian PM Modi plogging on the Mamallapuram beach gathered praise from several Bollywood celebrities but not the public.

Famous American television personality Katie Hopkins posted PM Narendra Modi’s plogging video on her Twitter with an appreciating caption. Showing her hate for Pakistani PM Imran Khan, she wrote, This is the gentle heart of a giant leader @narendramodi quietly litter picking in the early hours before a meeting.” Further, the caption said, “India shows love. Imran Khan knows only hate.”

This is what Katie Hopkins tweeted on PM Narendra Modi’s public stunt!

Well, it seems like the American television personality didn’t quite know what she was saying but the sane public schooled her right.

Exactly, what a joke!

Maybe, the camera team?

Well, the truth has spoken!

Definitely, she needs that!

And today’s troll award goes to this Twitter user!

Since the Indian government has implemented illegal curfew in the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) valley, PM Modi is being called out. Last month, the Indian Army martyred 6 innocent Kashmiris after PM Imran Khan’s UNGA speech. Well, it ain’t something new for India to get humiliated and everybody knows that more blunders are on the way.

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