The ‘Friend-Zoned’ Usman Went Viral On Pakistani Twitter!

Usman and Komal Memes

Twitter is as funny as it is ruthless. It has the ability to make anything and everything go viral; be it for the right reasons or not. Social media can be a sad place at times, but usually funny.

Such is the ability of social media, to be honest. Recently, a post shared by a girl about her selfless and generous platonic male friend Usman went viral and this lad became a Twitter sensation overnight; declared as the ‘poor guy who got friendzoned’

The girl Komal Shahid shared how she was hungry at a very late hour and her good friend Usman brought her all the goodies immediately!

Furthermore, the picture she shared shows some delicious snacks including a Toblerone bar, Tuc biscuits, and some mouth-watering cakes. Komal stated how she texted Usman in the middle of the night that she wants to eat something and he almost instantly dropped off all the yummy snacks. In addition, she advised everyone on Twitter to get themselves a friend like Usman.

This was the Tweet that went on becoming famous all across desi Twitter where everyone felt sorry for Usman to be the boy that wants the girl, makes all the effort and ends up in the Friendzone. Moreover, #Usman started trending on Twitter at the top position and all sorts of memes were created for the lucky man who was completely clueless of the overnight fame he received.

Additionally, keep in mind that Komal tweeted around 3 in the morning and luckily Pakistan was awake at the time and acted swiftly.

The Memes That Were Created Out Of Usman’s Suffering In The Friendzone:

Kashif is temporary, Usman is forever! 

LOL. He did seem very ready. 

Bet he didn’t mind trending with all the fun memes of being the poor guy who never gets the girl. 

With his fast delivery, he should start a business and give some competition. 

It was all worth it. 

Ouch! Pretty sure its just good friendship. 


True that! 

Nakaam Ashiq in the house? 

All in all, a plethora of memes and tweets regarding Usman delivering food to Komal flooded Twitter and everyone got a real good kick out of this.

However, some took this seriously and asked everyone to relax as not every man is trying to score with a girl by doing these acts of kindness.

All in all, Usman is a great friend and Komal is quite right; we all need a great friend like him in our lives who would go the extra mile in taking care of their friends, regardless of their gender.

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