India Just Received Its First Rafale Fighter Jet From France But What’s All That ‘Nimboo’ About?

India Received First Rafale

While the Kashmiris are in severe turmoil because of India’s illegal take over on the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) valley, Pakistan’s stance to fight for the rights of the innocent Kashmiri people is evident to the world. While the deteriorating relations between both nuclear-armed countries are spreading tensions globally, the buying of advanced technology fighter jets have started in India. As it was already in the news that Modi Sarkar’s obsession with French ‘Rafale’ fighter jets is going to get India its first better-performing engine soon and recently it happened.

India received its first of 36 ‘Rafale’ French fighter jets!

Talking about India and no blunders insight? Can’t be. As usual, naive India yet again made a fool out of itself during the acquiring ceremony of their first ‘Rafale’ fighter jet. As already, India’s fighter fleet and its devastation have been keeping everyone on their toes, last month too, another MiG 21 crashed in Madhya Pradesh proving the incompetency of Indian Air Force (IAF) pilots. In order to save themselves from shame, earlier today, Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh signed the acquiring of their first of 36 ‘Rafale’ fighter jets from France but there’s more to the story.

Calling the test ride in the first acquired ‘Rafale’ memorable, Indian Defence Minister tweeted that they will be handed all 36 jets by 2022!

Besides testing the jet, signing the contract and hiding their embarrassment behind a ‘Rafale’, one more thing that happened on the affair has gathered a lot of eyeballs. Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh after doing the paperwork used lemons and coconuts to keep the acquired French jet safe from evil. As soon as the pictures of Rajnath Singh putting lemons on the jet wheels and coconuts on the front were thrown on social media, it has become a new meme material for the not just Pakistanis but Indians also.

Because protection is necessary!

Well, that can be said!

Pakistan’s ‘W11’ is way more beautiful than this!

Something for India to ponder upon!

Oh My God! They converted the jet’s religion?

Well, the India government does know how to keep the world entertained by its esteemed blunders and become a national embarrassment for the nation. Last month, India’s space mission Chadrayan 2 also failed and crashed on the moon just like their Wing Commander Abhinandan’s MiG 21 whose ruins are now preserved in a museum in Pakistan, oops! The world is aware of the fact that naive India won’t stop embarrassing itself on international platforms while Pakistan is now carrying an important stance in the eyes of the world.

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