Mikaal Zulfiqar Announced His Divorce Last Night And It Is Absolutely Devastating!

Mikaal Zulfiqar is one of the most talented actors in the current Pakistani television industry. Working in this industry from years, Mikaal has made quite an impact through his substantial performances. The strange thing about being an actor is that you are always seen wearing a mask of being someone you are not as that is what your profession asks you to do.

Shielding their personal lives, many actors avoid answering questions related to their personal life affairs as they feel they are not obliged to do so. However, Mikaal Zulfiqar, in all honesty, shared the sad news of his divorce with wife Sara Bhatti on his social media accounts.

Urdu Wire

“Wanted to say this for a while. Finally found the courage to do so. Sad to announce, unfortunately, my marriage of 6 years has ended. After a long separation and despite efforts from both ends, things could not be resolved, which has resulted in divorce.” 

Tieing the knot in 2010, Mikaal and Sara have two beautiful daughters as well. Mikaal also shared this extremely touching picture with his daughters before announcing his divorce news.

Sara Bhatti, who is a model and a beauty expert who shares makeup tutorials on her Facebook page hasn’t made any comments related to news shared by Mikaal.


As devastating as the news is, we wish all the best to the two in coping with this heartbreaking situation.


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