Mikaal Zulfiqar’s Ex Wife Sara Bhatti Shared Words Of Motivation For All The Women Out There!

Divorce is a painful process – two people who shared their lives together have to part their ways. Only a couple that’s getting divorced really knows what they must be going through; physically and mentally, when it comes moving forward with their decision that’s not just traumatic but also pretty heart-breaking.

People will make their statements. They will show their concerns and release their own speculations. “Larke ki galtee thi.” “Biwi time nahi deti thi ghar pe.” and what not. Little do the outsiders know what happens in the lives of those who had to split their ways.

Just recently, the news of Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sara Bhatti ending their marriage surfaced all over the social media. With immense heartbreak, the actor announced the breakup news on his social forums.

The couple couldn’t make the ends of their marriage meet after being together for 6 years. While Mikaal made his public statement, Sara Bhatti avoided making any direct comment until recently. Using her Facebook profile, the talented makeup artist shared the following motivational message for all the married women out there:

After my divorce, my inbox was flooded with two kinds of messages:
1) How did you get over and heal after the breakup?
2) How do you manage your children and work?
The first kind, I’ll answer in another post. The second one I want to address:
Be it a working mother or a stay-at-home mother, she is fully responsible for the household and kids. It does not matter if your husband is white, brown, green, yellow or one of his parents is white, brown green or yellow. That is just the way it is.

If we’re working, we take our kids to work. We pick them up from school, drive them to extracurriculars and then come home, cook and take care of the house. Has my life changed after the divorce? Nope. I’m still responsible for the house and kids. The responsibility of a husband has been alleviated, which means I had more responsibilities when I was married.
Very few showed overwhelming concern about how I managed work and kids back then. And back then was actually tougher. Yes, I fully, 100% support my children financially, emotionally and physically, but it was still harder before.
We need to appreciate what our women are doing for us and our society. I’ve been blessed to know men who will actually share equal responsibility. And thank you for showing me you exist. But they are so few.
Please, mothers, instead of saying my son can not take care of the children encourage him to be a better father. Friends, instead of saying it is just your wife’s responsibility say maybe you can just manage yourself. Sisters and brothers give our hardworking women a smile, a thank you and show them a little understanding. It may be unfair, but we’re not complaining about the workload, just give us credit where it is due.
It is not just single mothers who have a tough time, married women are working just as hard, maybe harder sometimes.
Healthy eating, happy exercising, but most of all kind living. xx
P.S. The reason some of us go through pain is so we may show others that it is possible to survive. Don’t waste your pain. Share your story. Stay blessed.

It is important for a man to realize that he shares an equal responsibility when it comes to his family and his kids. Imposing everything on women all alone because that is only the mother’s responsibility, is something that is entitled by the society. Be there for each other – be there for your family and children. Support your woman as well!

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