13 Things Guys Secretly Do And Don't Want Girls To Find Out!

13 Things Guys Secretly Do And Don’t Want Girls To Find Out!

Ah, the hard talk… We, guys, are simply selective about what we want girls to know about the things we usually do. It is absolutely the fear of judgment sometimes. Yes, we are human beings, we can get insecure too or maybe we secretly admire you and just do not want things to pop up in our mind just after you learn something interesting about us.

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Thing is, we do admit that girls know that guys do some things in secrecy and they do not want them to know about it at all. But then, girls today have started suspecting us and have come up with real facts, yet we do not just admit!

So, today I am going to spill the beans. Today is the day when all shots are fired and I do admit I’m letting my fellow comrades down because this is just too much information. So, sorry guys, I hope you will forgive me.

Let’s Start!

1. We are very selective about our underwears

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Yes, if it is Adidas or Calvin Klein then JACKPOT! Must not be some flat green color. Black is perfect most of the time! Makes me want to ask: why would a girl want to know that… :/

 2. We love grooming ourselves and getting facials at salons a day before important occasions

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Of course, we don’t want only you to look pretty. You might want to hear that to us, our presentation matters on important occasions. Sometimes, all eyes are on us and if we are not looking our best, we will fail to make a kick-ass first impression. When we feel facials are expensive, we go for premium brands to get the same effect daily. Hence we are very particular about our DOUBLE PROTECTION pack as it saves 20% from our pocket. Yeah, we use FAIRMENZ Cream to protect us from UV rays and an Anti-pollution Face wash is a must for us.

See, even Amir is a part of the same clan…


3. We hate paying for dates or outings

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Khuda ki Qasam yaar!

4. We don’t always say sorry but we realize our mistakes and bounce back like no other

Just like Amir we make sure we don’t compromise on our performance… may it be as a son, husband, brother, student or a professional!

5. We borrow money from our parents sometimes

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*shots fired*

6. We take dost ki gaari on dates and claim it’s ours

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Girl, check out my new Civic VTI-Oriel, Prosmatec, 1.8-ivtec, Reborn… Petrol ke paisay bhi hein!

7. We do hide our emotions


Society has done us no good…

8. We do things around midnight for our grooming

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You girls won’t understand it. A night before, our senses are struck that we need to do something about our appearance. Shakal achi honi chahiye na yaar? Besides, after a long and tiring day, we get a chance to remove the deeply succumbed dirt and pollution from our skins and we use our favorite product for it.

9. We did watch Mean Girls, Sex & The City and Desperate Housewives

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Well, this heavily applies if guys have a sister!

10. Stalk our ex-girlfriends

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Yes, we want to know how hot has she become after all these years!

11. Miss you

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Ah, talk about how much it hurts the ego to admit this one.

12. Using Facebook’s “View As” option to see how our profile looks to our crush

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After precisely scanning our profiles in the perfect way possible, we just want to know how would you feel like if by any chance you bother to check out our profiles.

13. Watch your Snapchat stories

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What’s an even more shocking fact, is that guys use Snapchat. Yeah, we are sometimes impatient about you uploading your stories. Those seconds are worth everything, so please, keep Snapchatting all you can.

Dear society, we want you to stop judging us. We don’t mind admitting that we also get emotional, we might also like bright colors, we use beauty products and maybe sometimes spend more time in front of the mirror as compared to women but that doesn’t make us any less of a man! We know our responsibilities and fulfill them like a man!

Well, that was all… I might be axed for this one because I just let all the secrets out.


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