WATCH: Six Lions Roaming Freely In Karachi Last Night Will Send Chills Down Your Spines

WATCH: Six Lions Roaming Freely In Karachi Last Night Will Send Chills Down Your Spines

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Everyone is well aware and fond of the famous film ‘The Lion King’. In fact, if you’re a 90’s kid you would be thrilled to watch the moving again and again. Oddly, though negligence of a farmhouse in Karachi might have made that dream come true for many of the citizens and residents of Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Hadeed Town. A pack of six lions were roaming freely in Karachi last night.

Tired from staying its cage all day a family of lions, or at least we presume decided to take a stroll on the streets roaming freely in Gulshan-e-Hadeed in Karachi. Worry, panic, and alarm spread immediately among the residents as about six lions were found outside a compound in the area. In addition, this is a strict violation of the Sindh Wildlife Department.

According to the Wildlife Conservator of Sindh Javed Maher, “These lions were roaming freely outside their cages within the compound, residents were terrified upon seeing them.”

کراچی: ‏بن قاسم ٹاؤن گلشنِ معظم میں 2 پالتو شیر گھر سے نکل کر مدرسہ میں داخلشہریوں میں جنگلی جانوروں کو دیکھ کر شدید خوف و ہراس پھیل گیا‏بن قاسم ٹاؤن میں گھر میں بنائے فارم ہاؤس سے پالتو شیر پنجرے سے باہر نکل کر قریبی مدرسے میں گُھس گئےشیروں کے گھر سے نکلنے اور مدرسے میں گھسنے پر لوگوں میں بھگڈر مچ گئیسوسائٹی کے مکینوں نے مدد کےلیے فوراً پولیس کو فون پر اطلاع دیواقعے کی اطلاع ملتے ہی پولیس نے وائلڈ لائف کو طلب کرلیاوائلڈ لائف کی ٹیم نے شیروں کو پکڑ کر مالک کے حوالے کردیازوہیب نامی کاروباری شخصیت نے گھر میں 6 چیتے اور شیر پال رکھے ہیں، پولیسگوشت ڈالنے کے دوران 2شیر پنجرے سے باہر آگئے تھے، پولیسزوہیب نامی شخص کے پاس چیتوں کا پرمٹ ہے، پولیس

Gepostet von Nasir Shahid Ali am Dienstag, 11. August 2020

Later on, he added, “These lions could have harmed the people had they escaped from the compound.”

Hence they must be kept under strict supervision. Simultaneously, he puts focus on the imperative that such flesh-eating animals don’t fall under the Sindh Wildlife Permit for a mini zoo.

During the big cats ‘stroll’

During their stroll, these six lions managed to injure the dogs of the compound, and scare many of the residents of Gulshan-e-Hadeed roaming freely in Karachi. They even scared a few people in a seminary after entering it. Reports filed in Bin Qasim police urged wildlife authorities to take measures and control the situation.

Luckily though, no human life was injured or hurt during this breezy walk of the wild big cats, but then again, this is Karachi – would another live lost matter much to the Sindh government officials?

lions karachi street wildlife

Source: Britannica

This isn’t the first time, a big cat, well rather, 6 big cats have been spotted in the city of lights. No back in 2017, a young Karachiite probably lost it as he deemed it was cool to bring their lioness out on the street.  Yes! We know it still sends shudders down our spine to think about it.

Finally, these wild big cats were caught and brought back to their cages by the Sindh Wildlife rescue team; however, the owner of these rare big animals is now summoned by Sindh Wildlife Department to take strict action.

We wonder how many more risky incidents and negligent incidents will take place for people to understand how risky and harmful their actions can be. And this incident of lions roaming freely in Karachi city can take several lives. Even with that said, it also brings us to think that how these rare wildlife animals are kept caged or hunted against their will, just for the sake of human power and pleasure.

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