Jamshed Dasti Alleges Punjab Police of Torturing and Starving Him and Pakistanis Stand In His Support

Jamshed Dasti is not prominently a renowned figure in Pakistani politics but he is a member of National of Assembly and represents Awami Raj Party. Yesterday, a viral video featuring Jamshed Dasti pleading for a reprieve and urging for bail through a police vehicle’s grilled window. Jamshed was remanded for 6-straight days after he was taken into police’s custody on 23rd of June.

The MNA alleges the Punjab police of incurring severe torture on him. He accuses the living conditions in his jail amid rats, scorpions and all kinds of dreadful threats looming around. The disturbing video shows Jamshed Dasti crying for help, pleading the CJP to take his case constructively. If you haven’t seen the video, here’s it is:

You can hear Jamshed Dasti describing the torture allegedly waged by the police on him. He alleges them of starving him, allegedly persecuting him for speaking out the truth. He also mentions that his sister is battling 3rd stage of cancer and his mother’s condition is also not well.

I am a poor man and I am not at fault. They dragged me and beat me. – Jamshed Dasti

Pakistanis have come out in support of MNA Jamshed Dasti

A whole trend – #FreeJamshedDasti – on Twitter is going on and people continue to show their support for him.

On one hand is Gov MPA & a murderer Majeed Achakzai treated like a VIP and on the other hand is Dasti being tortured for…

Gepostet von Hamza Ali Abbasi am Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017


The story develops… Babar Awan will now lead the case of Jamshed Dasti in court

Shortly after Babar Awan joined PTI, news came out that he would lead the case of Dasti upon Imran Khan’s request. Here’s him tweeting his support for Jamshed Dasti:

Pakistanis are surely disgusted after hearing our what Jamshed had to speak about his treatment by the Punjab Police in jail. It’s sad how he still has to face such a barbaric torture, while the corrupt and fascists are free, out in the world.

Now the case is hanging on the proceedings in the court and any development shall be dealt as accordingly.

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